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What is Business, but Better?

Business but Better is my way to give back and help other mission-driven entrepreneurs to grow their world changing businesses. 
I have always believed that business is the fastest way to solve social and environmental problems, and that business done right, done fairly and equitably, would create a better world for all, and a healthier environment. 

With that belief, I have created a membership designed for entrepreneurs from day one, to day 10,000. Nine modules, 50+ short, snappy video lessons to watch on demand (with new ones every week) worksheets to work through, group mentoring sessions and a community of likeminded people.  

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Membership Options

We have two options depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Startup to Stay-up

Got an idea, but no idea what to do next? This entry level membership gets you on the road to running your business, no matter what stage you're at.
With access to all nine modules, worksheets and a new lesson every week.
$99 per month. 

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Startup to Stay-up Premium

Everything you need to know to build your business from branding, to exporting, investment and more. Much more. Nine modules, worksheets, group mentoring sessions, a one-on-one mentor session with Brianne every quarter and a new lesson every week.
$287 per month.  Spaces limited.

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I'm Brianne West

I never had any real idea of what I wanted to do with my life, beyond 'saving the world', (whatever that meant). After starting and selling two businesses in my early twenties, and graduating with a science degree, I started Ethique, a regenerative beauty brand based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Valued at over $100 million by the time I stepped down as CEO nearly 10 years later, Ethique saved over 25 million plastic bottles, worked with farming cooperatives around the world and showed that business that was genuinely sustainable, equitable and operated fairly, could also be profitable. 


“Brianne has been monumental in the growth of not only my business but my self development too. She is a brilliant listener and gives just the right amount of input that helps me think and take action. Brianne communicates in a direct and clear way, making our mentor sessions productive and incredibly enjoyable."

- Kate Hall. Ethically Kate

"Our experience with Brianne was fantastic, we really appreciated her friendly and candid communication and will be forever grateful for the contacts and knowledge that she generously shared with us. She truly is the sustainability queen and has helped us understand how to create a purpose driven brand."

- Milli & Jenni. Eat Kinda

"Brianne comes to the session open and willing to share her vast experience with you! It’s rare to have access to a successful CEO who is willing to spend her time with earlier-stage entrepreneurs. It was a delightful session!"

- Karyn. Zoe Goes

Scholarships Available!

Scholarships are available three times a year. Check back in June for the next intake!