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I help ambitious founders build brands that change the world. Here's how.

Branding Bootcamp

The branding bootcamp is a six week long, start anytime, in-depth program where my team and I will work with you to craft a brand that truly stands out, as well as teach you how to continue to develop your brand and elevate your business.

This is about so much more than just your logo or website, it's about who your audience is, your messaging and what you stand for as a brand. It's an investment in the long-term success of your business. No cohorts, start anytime. Time commitment: two hours per week.

The bootcamp is by application only, so learn more and apply below. 

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Brand and social media audit

Brand is everything - in a world where we are completely overwhelmed with advertising, to stand out you need a consistent brand that speaks to your values. Yet, that is harder than you think. 

Our audit provides an in-depth analysis of your brand's digital footprint, exploring every aspect, from your website to your social media platforms. 

We'll identify areas of improvement, and send it all to you in a recorded loom video within 7 days, detailing quick wins, things to work on over time, and things to think about. 

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1-on-1 Mentoring

I love mentoring, and I'm told by my mentees that it's helpful beyond words. And the statistics show that - more than 70% of small businesses grow past the 5 year mark, versus less than 30% for those who don't have a mentor. 

I offer both group mentoring as part of the BBB premium package, or for those who want the personal touch, I offer limited 1-on-1 mentoring.

You don't know what you don't know and mentoring can help avoid issues before they come up. It's a great way to hash out ideas, share concerns and build strategy. I don't judge, I am just here to help you build your business.

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And of course, our memberships.

We have two. A FREE (yes, really) one, with access to nine modules, 40+ short, snappy video lessons to watch on demand (with new ones every fortnight), and worksheets to work through.

And our premium membership, with that group mentoring I was talking about. 

Come and join us. 

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“Brianne has been monumental in the growth of not only my business but my self development too. She is a brilliant listener and gives just the right amount of input that helps me think and take action. Brianne communicates in a direct and clear way, making our mentor sessions productive and incredibly enjoyable."

- Kate Hall, Ethically Kate

"Brianne has an incredible mind and she is full of enthusiasm. Paired with her expertise, I really feel a clear vision for the next steps I need to take and what I also need to be thinking about long term. She is invaluable!"

- Kathy Toon, Appletastic

"We were lucky enough to have Brianne West (founder of Ethique) as our mentor during the Soda Inc Lift program. Our experience with Brianne was fantastic, we really appreciated her friendly and candid communication and will be forever grateful for the contacts and knowledge that she generously shared with us. She truly is the sustainability queen and has helped us understand how to create a purpose driven brand."

- Milli & Jenni, Eat Kinda

Who I won't work with

Entrepreneurs that operate businesses that are exploitative (with no plans to change that) and offer no real value to our world. 

People who have poor communication or don't really want to listen. I can only provide advice and experience, I can't do the work for you!

People who are not sure if they are really ready to do this. I don't want to waste your time or money, or mine. 


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