$287.00 NZD

Brand and social media audit

Brand is everything - in a world where we are completely overwhelmed with advertising, to stand out you need a consistent brand that speaks to your values. Yet, that is harder than you think. You need to know who you business is for, who it's not for, why you exist, your values, and so much more, and then translate that to your audience. 

Discover the power of a consistent, resonant online presence with our brand audit.

Our audit provides an in-depth analysis of your brand's digital footprint, exploring every aspect, from your website to your social media platforms. We assess how well your brand voice, aesthetics, and messaging align across channels, and how they resonate with your audience.

We'll identify areas of improvement, and send it all to you in a loom video within 7 days, detailing quick wins, things to work on over time, and things to think about.